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What is a Therapy Assistant?

An Allied Health Therapy Assistant is a service for NDIS clients only.

A Therapy Assistant works closely with various Allied Health professionals (depending on their chosen field) to fulfil tasks such as:

  • Therapy treatment plans
  • Monitoring & reporting changes
  • Providing administrative support
  • Compiling patient histories
  • Coordinating health programs
  • Assisting with overall client care
  • Delivery of various activities

What is the difference between a Therapy Assistant and Allied Health Professional?

The simple difference is that, unlike an Allied Health Professional, Assistants cannot diagnose any conditions. They can only report back findings from therapy intervention in order to give the professional an all-round understanding of interactions and outcomes from therapy intervention.

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Exercise Physiology

How can a Therapy Assistant help you?

When you have a Therapy Assistant, the support will be at a cheaper cost than booking in with the Allied Health professional. Therapy Assistants offer you additional support toward the planning and required intervention relating to your care needs.

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Schemes Covered

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS