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Exercise Physiologist / Sports Scientist

My name is V, and I am a Clinical Exercise Physiologist/Sport Scientist.

My health & fitness journey started when I was 17 years old. I was fortunate enough to figure out what I wanted to become at a very early age and never looked back.

I have acquired a Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science and Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology & Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation.

My biggest accomplishment was when I presented my case study at a national conference in New Zealand (Burden of Disease) and became a technical official for International Weightlifting Federation.

One of my favourite things to do is read nonfiction books, my goal is to read or listen to at least 30-40 books per year. My favourite book is “how to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.

One piece of advice I can give anyone is to be themselves regardless of what anyone tells them.

What I love about my job the most is I am constantly applying my expertise and knowledge and always adding value to my patient’s health & well-being.

My favourite quote is “Nothing is impossible”.