What is a Dietitian?

Dietitians are qualified professions who have studied to be able to provide expert advice on nutrition and diet. Dietitians translate the latest scientific information into everyday advice to inform clients what to eat.

Diet Advice from Our Dietitians

Our dietitian can assist you

  • To improve your health by providing information on food and nutrition
  • By keeping you informed about nutrition-related matters
  • To change your diet due to health conditions such as:
    • Heart disease
    • Diabetes
    • Overweight and obesity
    • Cancer
    • Food allergies and intolerances

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will take between 45 - 60 minutes. You will be asked detailed questions about your current diet, exercise habits, general health and lifestyle. These questions allow the dietitian to tailor an individual eating plan to your needs.

If you have been referred by your Doctor because you have a medical condition, the dietitian will work closely with your Doctor. After reviewing blood and other tests you may have had done, they will create a suitable eating plan tailored to your specific needs. The Dietitian may give you information to take home to refer to so that you are able to achieve your healthy eating goals.

Your dietitian will want to see you for continuing appointments so that they can track your progress, make alterations to fine-tune your eating plan. Your dietitian’s main goal is to give you the knowledge and skills to be able to make the best food choices and take care of your health.